Preparing your mental game

As those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook will know, my race scheduled for this upcoming weekend (24th of Sept), the IM 70.3 Chongqing, has been cancelled – well officially postponed. It was a bit of a sting when I found out. Of course the race organisers would not have wanted this, as it would have cost them a lot both financially and in terms of their reputation. Rather than slay them down yet again – I really was pretty frustrated and annoyed – I thought I would discuss the main way I feel this has impacted me, but that is not often talked about: mentally.

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Were you happy with your race? Vichy IM 70.3

Vichy was my first IM 70.3 race as a pro. And boy was it fun. I came fourth out of the pro women, and finished just over 4 minutes after the winner.

Knowing my competitive side, many people have asked me if I’m pleased with the result.

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Smashing out the 10.5km to take the Win

Cover Photo: Sprint finishing against the coach, Jurgen Zack. As they say….it’s not a honeymoon.

Last weekend I decided to mix up my training a bit by taking part in the 10.5km race at Laguna Phuket Marathon. Having been injured recently and not been able to compete in triathlons, it was the perfect excuse to get back on the start line.

The event was beautifully organized starting in the heart of Laguna, my local training ground.

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Madness in Mooloolaba

Wow, what a whirlwind. I can’t believe how time flies. First I must apologise for the radio silence. I’m rather superstitious and I suppose I had a real fear of jinxing myself before my ‘A race’ of the season – anyways, I smashed it. Here’s how it went down.

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Subic Bay 70.3 -Part 2, The Race

Following this rather unfortunate series of events (see Part 1), I managed to get myself to the startline.  Or rather, various incredible got me there. With my bike.

Now for the actual race:

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Subic Bay 70.3 Race Report – Part 1

I’m breaking this “event” into two parts, as I feel that the stress, anxiety and emotional journey of 3 days leading up to the race are worthy of their own post.

Unaccording to Plan

This first part has few pictures to document it. Apologies. Here is why: Continue reading Subic Bay 70.3 Race Report – Part 1

A few questions answered: What exactly am I up to?

Recently, I have been asked the same few questions by several of you who (surprisingly) read my blog. Although obvious questions, I realised I have never addressed them. So here they are, and some answers to go with them.

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