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External Forcing

In my previous post, I mentioned the analogy between human and Earth’s boundaries. How if we go at something full force without taking a break to recover, we’ll eventually burn out, in the same way that we’re burning our planet out. But some deep thoughtful friend of mine threw in a wild card: what about external influences to these ‘closed’ systems with defined boundaries?


Sustainable Development – An Athlete’s Persepective

How time flies! Apparently it’s been over a week and a half since I landed in Phuket, and my body can certainly verify this. After taking several weeks ‘off-season’ in Sept/Oct, with minimal physical exertion, just enough to keep the legs ticking over, training in Phuket has certainly been a shock to the system. Especially in the swimming department, where 20 km weeks are … Read More Sustainable Development – An Athlete’s Persepective