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Don’t be afraid to change up the pace

Recently I took part in a different sort of event – similar idea of keeping moving for a long time. But only running. And not on the even road surface but off road on trails and over mountains. Ok, fair enough, the non-triathletes among you will consider this little different to what I normally do, but those amongst you who dwell in the sport … Read More Don’t be afraid to change up the pace


Aggression vs Patience

Following my race at Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil, I realised the importance in having the right mental attitude when going into a race. I had qualified for the World Championships already, so I was racing with the aim of achieving personal objectives. Perhaps for some this would involve less self-inflicted pressure, but considering my self-competitive nature, it did not feel that way. It also turned out to be Switerland’s … Read More Aggression vs Patience