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A step up in racing

A friend asked me yesterday how I felt about Sunday’s Laguna Phuket Triathlon: my first race racing in the Elite field. It essentially marks the start of my professional triathlon career; as of 2017 I will be racing as a professional on the circuit. I hadn’t really thought about it. In fact I’d kinda been trying not to think about it. But that’s not … Read More A step up in racing


Target your weakness

We all love to do what we’re good at, it’s only natural. If you are able to hold a note and sing like a lark, of course you will enjoy showing off this skill in front of an audience – I still don’t understand how people do this, one karaoke night was enough to prove I’m tone deaf. It’s hard to admit but at … Read More Target your weakness


“Just do as you’re told”

These words may be very familiar to you, whether it’s because you’re a teacher and you use them frequently at work, or as a parent at home, or like me, you heard them all to frequently whilst you were growing up. Whatever the case, what does this phrase really tell someone?