Cover Photo: Sprint finishing against the coach, Jurgen Zack. As they say….it’s not a honeymoon.

Last weekend I decided to mix up my training a bit by taking part in the 10.5km race at Laguna Phuket Marathon. Having been injured recently and not been able to compete in triathlons, it was the perfect excuse to get back on the start line.

The event was beautifully organized starting in the heart of Laguna, my local training ground.

The kids were the first to fly off in the 2km race, and it was great to see so many participating, of all age ranges and standards.

The 10.5km sunset races started soon after with the 5km going off 20 minutes later. Both had interesting routes, in particular, the 10.5km run that took in the scenic Layan beach road in the second half of the run. Truly running in paradise, and a very good distraction from the pain!

At kilometre mark 9, the 10.5km route merged with the 5km runners at their 3.5km mark. Who should be coming round the bend of the 5km route but my coach, Jurgen Zack. I ran the last 1.5km with him hot on my heels, forcing me into a sprint finish despite the next girl being over 4 minutes behind – making sure I make the most of this “training” session finishing in 39.41 and 5th overall, all whilst he did an impressive 19.40 5km to come 4th overall! Full results can be found here.


Coming into the finish area there was a true buzz as a mass of spectators cheered you down the finishing shoot, with a fantastic array of drinks, food and ice waiting for all the athletes in the finish area.


Z-Coaching team in the finish area.  P.C Mike Wang

It was so fulfilling to see so many people participating and having fun, whether they were elite runners or motivated walkers, and so rewarding to be able to share what I do with so many people. I also had the opportunity to meet some elite runners in the finishing area such as the rapid Marcus Ong, the fastest 10.5km runner.


10.5km winners with our lil’ haul of prizes thanks to Oakley, Seiko and Angsana!

The next morning the half-marathon and marathon events went off extremely early to avoid the heat of the day. The routes were well marked and safe, so the runners could enjoy their event as the sun was rising and locals cheered you along. All the races had regular aid stations with friendly volunteers there to get you what you need.

A truly impressive international standard running event, thank you for getting so many of us involved!


4 Comments on “Smashing out the 10.5km to take the Win

  1. Congratulations Imo. Please let me know details of your next event on Phuket so that I can be at the finish to cheer you on…sad I missed this one.


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