Last Wednesday, I arrived in Subic Bay pretty excited. It was the week before the 70.3, and also happened to be my birthday. I’d just come from a fun couple days in Hong Kong, visiting friends and family and having a bit of chill time between two races.

Monica and I left her house for an “easy sunset spin”. Two minutes later I was lying on the road at the bottom of the hill by her house, face down, ambulance on its way, and two huge tanker lorries had emergency stopped less than 8 meters from my bike. And I was in pain. Surprisingly there wasn’t too much blood.

It’s taken me a disproportionate amount of time to write this one handed, sitting in Dubai airport, where I’m waiting to go home for an operation on my broken collar bone.

The purpose of this post might be common sense to some, but for others who are perhaps more accident prone, or those who like to ignore illness or an ache until it’s really unbearable, it’s very simple: don’t take your health for granted.

Since the accident I have received so many messages from various athletes (it turns out I’ve joined a rather large cyclists with a broken collar bone club), as well as non-athletes, and their stories of how they went about recovery and healing from similar injuries. I realise how extremely fortunate I am to be able to have this surgery, and hopefully get back near to full mobility in my shoulder.

But without various individuals input who emphasised the need for a clear push to get it sorted now, who knows where that would lead me and if I would be able to fully extend my arm a year down the line.

Although, really, who knows what would’ve happened by then.

Thank you all for the support from around the world, looking forward to a couple months on the turbo…


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