A friend asked me yesterday how I felt about Sunday’s Laguna Phuket Triathlon: my first race racing in the Elite field.

It essentially marks the start of my professional triathlon career; as of 2017 I will be racing as a professional on the circuit.

I hadn’t really thought about it. In fact I’d kinda been trying not to think about it. But that’s not always the right thing to do.

So here’s my brief thoughts/feelings towards it all.
Honestly, I’m excited to race. After a slight bump in health last weekend I feel I’ve recovered well and ready to start.

But hell yes am I nervous. So in my mind I’m trying to treat it just like every other race. I’m nervous mainly about letting people down. People who have done so much for me, pushed me to my limits, and invested in me, whether it be emotionally or financially. My sponsors who believe in me as an athlete and as a person, Jiakina Customized and Revv energy. And of course my coach, but also my mentor and friend, Jurgen who has pushed me day in day out for the past year, and got me to where I am now.

But I think most importantly I’m worried about letting myself down. At the end of the day, that’s what drives me to train day in day out: my own expectations and becoming a faster and stronger athlete. What drives me to push through the pain, the blood, sweat and tears.

I’m also worried about making a stupid, yet critical decision. You know, one of the ones that you can replay in your mind over and over again, but can’t change the outcome after that split second has gone.

But hey, if everything was a given and easy in life, it would all be boring as hell.

Adrenaline levels would certainly not reach the heights I’m anticipating tomorrow.

So all I can do now is keep calm, and be sensible. I.e, not do anything too outrageously Imo-like.

Over and out, from the tropical island of Phuket.


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