Going Solo

So I’m in Europe for the Summer/ Monsoon season – depending on the reader. If I’ve learnt anything in the past year is that you don’t know where life is going to take you next. What’s waiting for you around the next corner.

Whether a decision you make today will have a major impact on your life – or not at all – is a scary thought, but it is only through commiting to something that you’ll ever find out. So here I am, following my decision to follow my dream towards becoming a professional athlete. It sounds dreamy, but mentally it’s actually quite challenging.

It’s great being home – seeing friends and family. But it’s also strange, a real change in rhythm. Particularly for training, as suddenly, I don’t have my training partners to carry me into and through a tough session. It comes down to me. Having swim training at 6am rather than the more relaxing 8.30am takes more will-power to get to. Allbeit more worthwhile.

But if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t be doing it.

I’m sure many of you have experienced that feeling when you set out on a run and your legs just don’t semm to move. I had it this morning. My left-leg  particularly bad (perhaps evidence of my semi-successful attempt at foam-rolling). But I stuck with it, counting my cadence, singing songs. Anything to distract myself. By kilometer 3, I had eased into it.

It’s a bit like studying. The first hour is horrendous, but after that, before you know it, it’s lunchtime.

So sure it’s scary and I have my ups and downs. But who doesn’t?

My parents are starting to learn when training hasn’t gone 100% and I need to be distracted – or at least they’re using it as a way to get me to walk the dog.


The dog also self-walks which is useful

But I’m still finding pushing my physical and psychological barriers more exciting than ever. Always learning more about myself and my body. About triathlon, and about sport. Doing more research into the science of sport, and learning more about coaching other athletes.

What I have taken from this experience is to Carpe Diem. No point waiting around waiting to become a super star athlete – it’s just not going to happen that way. Nothing worthwhile is just handed to you.

Nature will only take you so far…the rest is nurture.


Can’t complain with nature like this to distract you from pain

So, so far no regrets about this career decision/life path. I’m living an exciting life and meeting interesting people  (some incredible too), and having interesting experiences (again some incredible, some quite painful, some both).

Sometimes us triathletes have to miss out on nights out, but at least it means we get the most of our mornings…

Stay strong and stay focused- better to commit to something and discover it’s not for you, than to never commit to anything.



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