Target your weakness

We all love to do what we’re good at, it’s only natural.

If you are able to hold a note and sing like a lark, of course you will enjoy showing off this skill in front of an audience – I still don’t understand how people do this, one karaoke night was enough to prove I’m tone deaf.

It’s hard to admit but at the end of we are all (mostly-some claim not to be) self-interested individuals and with that comes retaining, and boosting our ego.

So when it comes to doing something we know we are “weak” at, a barrier immediately goes up.

For me, it’s sprints in the pool. I’m not so keen. It’s just not my strength and undoubtedly seems to end with me being “too slow”, no matter how hard I push. There’s a reason I chose an endurance sport, and not the 100m sprint.

But, facing reality, I’ve got to be able to have speed as well as endurance. I’ve learned I’ve got to accept this is a weakness, and hence put more effort and work into conquering it.

I’m not going to get any faster in sprints by focusing solely on aerobic work. It hurts, and the ego takes a bashing every time 25m MAX is announced, but I know it’s for my benefit.

So suck it up, and do what you are least comfortable with most. That’s how you get improvement.

If you’re afraid of the pool, force yourself there twice a week. Get a group to train with and it’ll be a lot easier.

If you’re afraid of descending on the bike – practise the descents. Follow someone you know is strong at it, and copy their line.

If you realise you are becoming over-reliant on a certain toy/piece of equipment that you won’t have on race day, suck it up and ditch it in training – fins included…

Target these points of weakness in training, and racing will seem a lot less scary.

Inspired by it being graduation week, in the words of my wise wise professor:

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable” -Mike Tennant




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