To most people reading this, those characters will probably look like some new trending artsy design or brand logo. A week ago, I would’ve assumed the same thing. But that is a week ago. Now I know that it is in fact ‘hello’ in the crazily complicated language that is Thai, or Sà-wàt-dii khâ. “And why does this matter?” I hear you asking. Because if you’re reading this, then you’re at least semi-interested in what I’m doing with my life, and I’ve decided to spend the next 6 months living and training (triathlon, if that wasn’t clear) in Phuket, Thailand.

Finishing my second degree, I spent the second summer in a row enjoying the all too familiar “so what are you going to do once you’ve graduated?” Those words still haunt me to a certain extent at night. But taking Mark Manson’s eloquently put advice, I’ve decided “to not give a f***” about what other people’s ideas of the ‘right’ next steps for me would be, but to roll with my dreams.

So here I am, in Phuket Thailand, surrounded by an incredible group of people to train and socialise with, and really push the limits of my sporting abilities. Ok, it’ll take some time to adapt to the scorching humidity, but I’m prepared to give it all I got.

My room with a view

My room with a view

Of course, being here doesn’t mean that I’m immune to this perpetual self-questioning that we all suffer. Last night, it took me 4 hours to sleep as I tossed over that single question “Oh my gosh, what AM I doing with my life?”. But thanks to the continuous support and encouragement from my parents, I eventually got to sleep, and unsurprisingly, was happy to be up at 7 am the following morning for a peddle around the island. I also realised, that hey, “who gives a f***”, I know exactly what I’m doing, I’m following my passion, something that I love doing and have spent the last couple of years balancing with so many other commitments, and now I’m finally going to dedicate some time to it, and see where I can take it.


Post accidental-5km sea swim. Yes, there were fish. And jellyfish. No, I can’t really lift my arms. (Photo credits: R. Bruhwiller)

“So what will you do when the six months end?” – I hear the questions already. Who knows, but right now I’m going to enjoy living in the moment.

As a wise friend told me, “If you aim for the moon but miss, you’ll still land in the stars”.

หวัดดี ค่ะ, Wàd-dii-kâ, bye

Imo x

4 Comments on “สวัสดี ค่ะ – Sà-wàt-dii khâ

  1. Hi Imo,

    Congratulations I guess you found your trainer in Thailand. Remember we talked about a possibility of going to Asia for training and now you;re there. Well done. Don’t listen to what the majority say, just listen to what your mind is telling you and do what your passionate about. As a blind MP Bavid Blunkett in Tony Blair’s government once said “Go passionately in the direction of your dreams and you will have success”. I think that’s exactly what you’re doing Imo. Starting the moring with a cycle around Phuket sound like a dream. Thinking of you often.

    Caitriona xxx


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